Portrait of Casiibro

Here is the portrait of Casiibro, a collective of very popular streamers in the’universe of the casino stream! In this article, you will find our opinion on Casiibro, as well as their journey and their entry into the’world of online gambling.

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While the online casino world has taken more and more’magnitude in recent years, c’This is in large part thanks to the streamers who operate on the Twitch streaming platform. These online gambling enthusiasts share their various sessions on online casinos on a daily basis and allow viewers to get to know this environment a little better and’witness sometimes epic moments. The sums played are most of the time colossal, which has enough to leave their community speechless, which is present on the various lives to witness stratospheric gains and thus live moments out of time..

Some streamers are extremely popular and are followed by hundreds of thousands of people on social media. D’other heads of’posters are a little less followed, but compensate with an unparalleled passion and contagious good humor. VS’is the case of Casiibro, a collective of 3 streamers who are present on their Twitch channel for most of the day. These gamblers from Belgium are highly appreciated by spectators because of their colossal work to get to where they are today.’hui, but also for their seriousness, their competence and their loyalty.

Today’hui, we have produced especially for you the portrait of Casiibro, a collective of atypical streamers who are as endearing as each other! You will find in this article the journey of Casiibro and you will also discover how these streamers entered the’universe of online gambling. Finally, we have prepared for you a best-of the biggest earnings made by Casiibro in stream !


Who are Casiibro ?

Casiibro is a collective of streamers performing live streams at different online casinos using the Twitch streaming platform as a point of departure.’support. These game enthusiasts’money broadcast daily from 10 a.m. until’at the end of the’afternoon, and manage to attract an average of 300 to 800 viewers each day. The performance is colossal for these gamblers who, unlike most streamers, did not go through the video games box before launching into the stream..

The Casiibro channel is made up of 3 streamers called Kriox, Rollins and Secod. The first two are those who are at the’origin of this project. Indeed, these two friends have known each other for more than 10 years and have come closer in particular thanks to their common passion for games of’money. Kriox and Rollins share their sessions mainly in the morning. The third streamer, Secod, joined them a few months ago and usually takes over early in the year.’afternoon.

How Casiibro started on the casino stream ?

The two creators of the chain embarked on this fabulous project following winnings made in land-based casinos. These young men are basically passionate about the games of’money in general, and the sums won convinced the two friends that’there was something to do in this very special environment. VS’It was in 2016 that the Belgians discovered the online casino. Kriox and Rollins then decided to test the welcome bonuses on each virtual platform, these promotions reserved for newcomers being at the’very advantageous time.

In just over 2 years, the two gamblers had accumulated no less than $ 500,000 in profits! This colossal sum allowed Kriox and Rollins to realize their dream of becoming casino streamers on Twitch. Large investments are made and the Casiibro chain is finally launched at the end of the’year 2019. The first partnerships started quite quickly, allowing streamers to play music.’bonus money rather than l’real money, which allowed them to significantly limit losses.

casiibro twitch

Casiibro videos and streams

The Casiibro collective is very present on the internet, whether on different platforms or even on social networks. The Twitch channel of the 3 streamers is followed by more than 37,000 followers and only two years, which is a real achievement, especially from scratch and with such a short deadline! Their community is very active, whether in the chat on Twitch or on social networks. The number of spectators is rather stable for the 3 accomplices since the’audience varies between 300 and 800 players on average, every day of the week.

Casiibro also has a YouTube channel that showcases the best moments from the streams that take place on Twitch. A video about their incredible journey is available on this channel and explains in detail how the 3 Belgian friends got there. The work and the perseverance of these enthusiasts of d’money is no longer to prove and the less that l’we can say, c’is that the Casiibro collective s’is built on its own and Kriox, Rollins and Secod can be extremely proud of their journey.

casiibro youtube

The big wins of Casiibro

For over two years now, streamers Kriox, Rollins and Secod have spent several thousand’hours live on Twitch. All these days have been devoted to trying to achieve big wins on different slot machines. It is therefore normal that the 3 gamblers par excellence have achieved a lot of feats during all these hours of live streaming..

We N’unfortunately no longer have access to videos, clips and best-of from Casiibro due to’new legislation on Twitch. However, we invite you to go directly to their stream so as not to miss the colossal sums that the 3 gamblers win every day! These streamers are above all avid slot machine enthusiasts and play very few live games, which allows them to score exceptional wins with colossal multipliers when luck is on their side..

Conclusion on Casiibro streamers

Casino streamers generally work solo, and it is quite rare in the’world of USA-speaking gambling to see a collective working hand in hand. This is done more commonly on the Anglophone side, and c’is a real touch of novelty brought to us by the three streamers who form the Casiibro collective !

These game enthusiasts’Argent work tirelessly to provide their community with quality streams in which the’humor, the second degree and good humor are required. Present on Twitch for more than 2 years now, Casiibro streamers continue to move up the ranks one by one and have become, over the streams, major players in the USA-speaking slots scene. We must also salute the daily presence of streamers who do not’allow very little rest, which helps to retain spectators and their community.

The colossal gains that’they realize very regularly are the ultimate reward for these gamblers par excellence who try their luck every day on dozens of slot machines in order to win the jackpot! The Casiibro collective has done everything to get there and can be extremely proud of its career. We wish them the same success for the years to come !

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