Loopoo wins its first poker tournament !

Last night, streamer Loopoo won his first live poker tournament. Relive this blogcasino.fr article l’incredible performance from the USA player who won almost $ 100,000 thanks to the most popular card game in the world !

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Loopoo Wins Almost $ 100,000 in Poker !

You’You will no doubt have noticed, many slots streamers have developed a passion for poker in recent months. After several frenzied cash game sessions, these gamblers par excellence decided to try their luck in prestigious tournaments, first online and then IRL. This budding love for the world's most popular card game has hit streamers Kawaboomga, Teufeurs, but also Loopoo, who has already proven that’he could perform more than’honorable in high stakes online tournaments.

Poker is an atypical environment in which it seems difficult to achieve deep runs worthy of the name without work and without effort. And that, Loopoo the’understood perfectly and s’really interested in this cerebral sport in the’sole purpose of progressing and s’to improve. And it is clear that the perseverance of one who describes himself as n’having "no financial pressure »Ended up paying! Indeed, the streamer Slots won last night the first live poker tournament of his life against mainly professional opponents, pocketing in the process a little less $ 100,000 !

blogcasino.fr invites you in this short article to come back in detail on the coronation of Loopoo in an IRL poker tournament! This performance is d’so much bigger since’you had to pay $ 7,500 to participate in this Event in which the level was more than raised. The icing on the cake, the one that’we nickname El Avocado finished in front of his opponent of the day and nevertheless friend YoH ViraL, who l’accompanied in the final table and who finished in an honorable 8th place.

Loopoo & amp; YoH ViraL

Which tournament did Loopoo win ?

Loopoo went away for a week for an intensive poker session, both in high stakes cash game and’in tournaments. The slots streamer has, therefore, joined YoH and Teufeurs To Cyprus, country in which the PartyPoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus, very famous festival during which many tournaments have been contested since last weekend with several million dollars guaranteed on the’set of tests.

VS’is at Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Casino & Spa that s’is held this tournament week with buy-ins ranging from $ 550 To $ 25,500. VS’is on a tournament at $ 7,500 than Loopoo shone, this ordeal being l’one of the last of this festival. Maltese resident n’left no chance to his opponents of the day, playing aggressive poker and winning almost all his flips.

cyprus poker hotel

The first victory d’a long series ?

Arrived at the final table with a comfortable stack of’about 400,000 tokens, which was the average at this point in the tournament, Loopoo was able to play more broadly, which suits him best, to reach the paid places. After having passed the bubble without incident, this enthusiast of slot machines did better than resist since’they’is hoisted heads up with a more than adequate stack. After a hotly contested final duel, Loopoo ended up trapping his opponent with a pair of’Ace served which allowed him to win this tournament with the best possible hand !

This exceptional performance allowed Loopoo to leave with $ 97,890 in my pocket after several hours of tournaments (and several hours of massage!). Thanks to this feat, the streamer scored a first line on his record that was virgin until’then and s’is now made a name in the world of Live poker, transforming $ 7,500 almost $ 100,000 thanks to the skills acquired in recent months !

The USA player had his "One Time»He is now’time of confirmation! Although the Maltese resident will return to his first love in the next few days, the slot machines, Loopoo will undoubtedly share his poker sessions with his community in the coming weeks. We also imagine that’he will try his luck again in the live tournaments. Why not at Vegas, which welcomes World Series of Poker from September 30 ?

loopoo poker
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