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Kawaboumga is a former youtuber specializing in Fortnite, he now streams on Twitch at online casinos to play slots or poker..

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Kawaboumga : Online casino streamer

Who is Kawaboumga ?

Florian alias Kawaboumga has been present on the internet for several years, he’is all d’first advertised on YouTube by playing video games. Kawa started her YouTube channel from January 2014 to focus on Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. From November 2017, after having made the tour of these two games, the young YouTuber launches entirely on Fortnite and takes advantage of the great visibility that’brought the hype to make oneself known.

At that point, all of his videos are averaging around 100,000 views, an interesting number to start making a real living from his YouTuber activity. He will not launch until much later on Twitch to play on online casinos and in particular poker. VS’is a long journey that l’led to what’it is today’hui and we will tell you all about blogcasino.fr.

kawaboumga stream twitch casino poker

How Kawaboumga started on the casino stream ?

VS’is during the’year 2018 that Kawaboumga will start a live on the Cresus online casino, but a bad idea for the young Bordelais to launch his live on his YouTube channel which will be banned a few days later. Forced to move towards the creation of’a Twitch channel to continue your live gambling, but with far fewer viewers than on YouTube.

At that time, his YouTube channel already had several hundred thousand’subscribers, difficult to migrate them to this new platform suddenly. Over time and in particular from February 2020, Kawaboumga s’is 100% dedicated on its Twitch channel to get it off the ground. Today’hui, in october 2021, he had 68,000 followers and a total of 1,664,765 views for an average of 1,050 viewers per stream.

Today’hui again, Kawaboumga continues to offer regular lives on the Twitch platform, at least 2 to 3 times a week and with sessions between 2 and 4 hours. On the program: gambling on online slot machines, poker commentary and gameplay, bonus hunt, etc..

kawaboumga youtube twitch video casino poker

Kawaboumga videos and streams

All d’First, Kawaboumga officially stopped producing his videos on YouTube at the same time as Fortnite, on December 13, 2019. This no.’however is not what’he announced, because several times Kawaboumga announced his resumption of videos by proposing only’one or two videos in a row, then nothing for several months.

VS’was also the case on August 3, 2021 when Kawaboumga announced that it would finally return to YouTube after almost 1 year of’absence. In this video, he discusses the subject of online casinos as well as slot machines, the’objective being d’get the best payout by purchasing a $ 1,000 bonus with professional poker player YoH ViraL.

Kawaboumga promises at the beginning of this video to resume at least 2 videos per day, unfortunately today’hui it's been 2 months since’he doesn’There were no new videos on his YouTube channel. He devotes himself entirely to his Twitch channel.

Regarding his Twitch lives, we easily find his good humor and Kawaboumga is very good at entertaining live viewers on slot machines..

Kawaboumga's big wins

Kawaboumga n’is not the kind of player to spins very big sums, as we l’has accustomed English-speaking streamers. There are still bets around’ten d’euros, his big wins are quite impressive in terms of multiplier, but a little less in terms of sums. Kawaboumga's big wins are still very impressive, especially the last one !

x1000 on Yum Yum in 1 spin

At the exit of the Yum Yum slot machine, Kawaboumga s’is quickly thrown over to try to better understand this rather complex slot machine, as well as’get the bonus. After a few hours, Kawaboumga finally gets the bonus feature but the winnings are just correct with $ 1,200 for a starting bet of $ 4. VS’is only at the last spin that the slot machine will offer him a very big connection and win $ 4,000 in a single spin.

4000 euros yum yum kawaboumga

10,132 $ on Sweet Bonanza with a bomb x100

Sweet Bonanza c’is the classic slot machine of the provider Pragmatic Play, very appreciated by regulars of gambling and streamers, it decided to reward Kawaboumga one evening by accumulating many connections and victories to reach the total of 10,132 $. Kawaboumga is so happy that’he starts shouting "C’is the withdrawal, mate! ".

gain sweet bonanza kawaboumga 10,000 euros

$ 10,467 on Release the Kraken

During one evening, Kawaboumga decides to do an All-in on the Release the Kraken slot machine of the provider Pragmatic Play. Viewers n’were not d’agree by telling him that this slot n’didn't have enough potential to make his last All-in. The start of the bonus n’is not very encouraging because only 2 Wilds come out on the grid. He will quickly recover his initial bet by winning $ 1,200 before the last spin.

VS’is the last turn and it’is the release for Kawaboumga who did well in All-in on this Release the Kraken bonus: 2 new Wilds appear on the grid and the global multiplier goes up to x5, in addition to many “Release the Kraken” symbols, being the symbol the most profitable of the slot, surface on the grid. Result: 10,467 $, a nice x100 on his bonus purchase.

gain release the kraken kawaboumga 10,000 euros

$ 35,360 on Rise of Merlin with 64 free spins

Very recently, Kawaboumga s’had fun focusing on the Rise of Merlin slot machine to get the bonus feature, simply because he had a good feeling about the slot. After many spins, he unlocks the bonus after 20 minutes and several hundred d’euros lost. Everything is not going to go as planned.

THE’Rise of Merlin's goal is to’get as many Scatters as possible to unlock new symbols and hope to make big wins. The bonus will last longer’ten minutes for a total of 64 free spins, only one symbol was missing. The total gain: $ 35,360! A record for Kawaboumga.

kawaboumga gain rise of merlin 35,000 euros

Conclusion on the streamer Kawaboumga

After Fortnite, the young Kawaboumga succeeded in reinventing himself on Twitch by going through gambling and poker sessions. Always in a good mood by offering lives very regularly, the streamer Kawaboumga has everything to succeed.

Perhaps his repeated YouTube returns should become a definitive comeback to solidify this new path that’he borrowed, that would be the best idea to develop his new business 100%.

As with the majority of streamers, Kawaboumga is gradually advancing in the online casino world, offering streams with higher stakes and interesting hunt bonuses. Its specialization makes the difference: poker is the’one of its great assets and should even more’operated on his Twitch channel.

We highly recommend that you check out this colorful character on his Twitch channel..

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