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Roshtein is Twitch's most famous streamer and yet, c’is a character on whom very few’information circulates.

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Roshtein : Online casino streamer

Who is Roshtein ?

If the world of online casinos is so well known and recognized on Twitch, it is in large part thanks to Roshtein. Very little information is circulating about him. Born in Sweden, it was in 2015 that he decided to share his first online casino clips on the Twitch platform. A year later, he decides to devote himself to 100 % to this activity which brings him hundreds of viewers after several months.

Roshtein is known across Twitch for his live shows close to TV shows. Always in a good mood, the Swede is ahead of his time. A pioneer of online casino on the Internet, he is now at the head of a giant company that breaks all scores in this category.

Bonus hunt, live games or even live several hours, Roshtein knows how to treat his community which makes him perfectly.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult for us to get a full picture of such a mysterious figure as Roshtein. Because even though he spends hours live, he's pretty much an anonymous on the Internet. Very little information circulates about him and his communication, whether on social networks or on Twitch, is perfectly controlled by this man who prefers to leave his personal life unknown to the general public..

In this article we are going to focus on the online casino part and we are going to tell you how Roshtein managed to be the working monster that he is today..

It is clear that if the world of online casino has a bright future, it is in large part thanks to this man.


How Roshtein started on the casino stream ?

For several years now, the Twitch platform has taken an increasingly important place on the Internet and Roshtein was right, when in 2015 he started sharing his first winnings at online casinos. The Swede has never hidden it, he is a true lover of gambling and the sensations it gives. But before making himself known for the man he is now, Roshtein spent thousands of euros on various online casino platforms..

However, he knew that Twitch was a platform with a bright future and so he decided to share his passion for gambling on the Internet..

It was in 2016, the 15th February precisely, that he decides for the first time in his life to share his session at an online casino. Unfortunately, no one knows the name of the online casino he was playing at, but the only information circulating about Roshtein's debut live is that it started from his bedroom in Sweden and dozens of spectators were already. present at the time.

Roshtein knows it, he has just found the right vein and it is from this precise date that he decides to launch his career in online casinos and to do that as his main activity..

Roshtein's videos and streams

Roshtein’s evolution on Twitch is simply monumental. Before starting in the field of online casino, the Swede was a player of MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft or shooting games such as CS: GO.

During her live, Roshtein puts on a real American show. Straight up, Roshtein's sultry and cheerful personality spiked his follower count to over 5,000, just a year after starting the online casino. Little by little, it offers increasingly long live performances and this is a rare thing for the field of streaming. It is logical that he manages to reach the bar of 80,000 followers 3 years after starting live.

The phenomenon is launched, Roshtein is devoted to 100 % in the field of online casinos and he is one of the first streamers to offer rewards to his viewers, bonus purchases or even hunt bonuses with sums wagered which are very high for the time.

It was in March 2020 that the online casino really exploded on the Internet. With the containment of a very large part of the world's population, thousands of people have taken refuge on the Twitch platform to pass the time. And even though this pandemic has hurt many people, casino streamers have been the big winners of these multiple lockdowns, including Roshtein.

To give you an example, in March 2020, the Swede had 220,000 subscribers, which is already an exceptional figure. Although the global pandemic is not yet over, the numbers show that the Roshtein phenomenon has taken over the Internet, it is now followed by more than 795,000 people. A dizzying figure for a person who plays only at the online casino.

roshtein in the united states

At the same time, how can we question Roshtein's legitimacy? The Swede is a huge worker, as the following figures show :

  • In total, 73.8 million views have been accumulated on the Roshtein channel since its creation.
  • On average since 2016, more than 10,000 people follow the Swedish live almost daily
  • Finally, since starting his Twitch channel, Roshtein has streamed 9,555 hours, which is just under 400 entire streams on his Twitch channel, or over a full year! This dizzying figure demonstrates the colossal work done by the boss on the slot game for more than 5 years now..

As for the videos circulating from Roshtein on YouTube, it should be noted that the channel does not belong to the Swede. Indeed, it is a fan of Roshtein who makes weekly videos of the best moments of the Swedish live. And as you can imagine, he has a lot of work to do..

Roshtein's YouTube channel is to find here.

Roshtein's big wins

If there's one thing Roshtein has grown accustomed to over the past few months, it's giving us unforgettable moments in the online casino community. The Swede has become a high roller, which means he is betting large sums of money in order to win increasingly colossal wins. In the three videos that follow, you will realize how much the online casino is a playing field where volatility is rife..

$ 2 million on Mystery Museum

This is the most colossal profit Roshtein has made since playing online casino and it is on the Mystery Museum slot machine that he has made it. While he was going through a pretty mundane bonus on this Push Gaming slot machine, a free spin is going to pay him big, very big.

The functionality in the bonus begins and it is on the Pharaoh symbol that it stops and thus allows Roshtein to win the colossal sum of 2 million euros. An exceptional gain that you can watch in the video that follows.

1,250,000 d’$ on Chilli Heat Megaways

As soon as a new slot machine comes out, Roshtein likes to spend time on it in order to see the maximum potential of it. A few hours after the release of Chilli Heat Megaways, the Swedish streamer very quickly realized the extreme volatility of this slot machine, because it is with a gain of 1,250,000 $ he leaves this creation of Pragmatic Play.

This isn't the first time Roshtein has achieved the maximum payout on a slot machine, but this time the streamer's reaction is even more exceptional than usual. For those who want to have a great time, we advise you to watch the following video.

1 million d’$ on Book of Shadows

There are slots that you see regularly on Roshtein's live performances and Book of Shadows is one of them. This Nolimit City slot machine is extremely volatile and has the potential to win you amazing amounts of money. And as you can imagine when it comes to Roshtein, he doesn't stop playing on a slot machine until he hits a colossal payout..

For several weeks, Roshtein played this slot machine and, after hundreds of bonuses, he finally got the Grail, namely the maximum set up on this slot..

This exceptional win of 1 million euros was the subject of a YouTube video which you can watch here. We let you enjoy the out of the box reaction from the Swedish streamer.

Conclusion on streamer Roshtein

Would the online casino be also known on the Twitch platform without Roshtein? Apparently not. The Swede is a pioneer in his field and he deserves it. Offering extremely diverse content to his viewers, Roshtein is an iconic character in the slot game world..

His perseverance paid off and he surrounded himself very well since now a real team is around the Swede. He brought with him several childhood friends who are also known in the online casino world on the Internet..

It seems that this is just the start for Roshtein who is not going to stop anytime soon. While it took him so long to gain recognition, it is not at his peak that he will want to step down. To attract new viewers, the Swede even started playing live games, something that was not present at all for several years on his lives..

Increasingly colossal sums, mythical winnings as well as an exceptional character, Roshtein is an institution in the world of online casino on Twitch and the only thing we advise you is to enjoy this character as long as you 'he present on this platform.

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