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Teufeurs : Online casino streamer

Who is Teufeurs ?

Teufeurs, more commonly known as Teuf or TeufTeuf, is an online casino streamer who has made a name for himself on the web for his outspokenness as well as his exceptional history that we are going to tell you about in this article..

Born in USA on August 26, 1993 in Le Mans, Teuf had a normal education, obtaining his college diploma in 2009 and his BEP as a truck driver two years later..

The young man very quickly finds a job in this sector, but unfortunately for him, a serious road accident puts him away for almost 6 months from the road. Back in business, he loses his driving license and therefore finds himself unemployed.

Lost in his life, he is looking for activities to do to change his mind and it is towards video games that TeufTeuf will turn. At first, Teuf plays alone on his side.

Very active on the Internet, he notes that a phenomenon is becoming more and more important on the web: sharing games of video games, whether live on Twitch or on the YouTube platform..

He is starting his first live on Twitch, but unfortunately for him, his computer gives up and he is unable to buy a new PC, as he is still unemployed. Living with a childhood friend, Teuf will see his life change for good as his friend will buy him a new computer.

From that moment on, Teufeurs' life will change forever. Since he has nothing to do with his days, he decides to go live on a regular basis. His enthusiasm as well as his strong character are much appreciated by the community, which begins to grow more and more and to be faithful..

Live on H1Z1, or even GTA, Teufeur varies the games and that makes its community happy. However, the young USAman does not want to stop here and finds himself in a passion for the casino, which in a few weeks becomes the main base of his streams. Lover of the sensations that slot machines or even live games can offer, TeufTeuf becomes a full-time streamer of online casinos.

And his history with the casino will become unique on the Internet. On his 26th birthday, his partner Bitcasino offers a deposit of + 200% to Teuf, who decides to put $ 6,000, all the money he had in his PayPal account. For his first session, he left with the colossal sum of $ 53,000. But, the USAman doesn't stop there. For nearly 2 weeks, he chained exceptional sessions, which will forever remain etched in the history of online casinos. Indeed, he achieved the feat, in less than two weeks, of going from $ 6,000 to more than one million euros.

Its exceptional history propels it to the general public and allows Teufeur to see its community of viewers explode. The phenomenon has started and TeufTeuf does not want to stop. He takes advantage of his notoriety to acquire new deals with online casinos.

Teufeurs is here’one of the most famous casino streamers in USA in the online casino community.

In a few months, he became the second most followed USA in the category of online casinos and its importance is such that at present, Teuf has surrounded himself with several people so that daily streams are made on his channel. Twitch.

Lover of gambling, TeufTeuf has even started playing poker in recent months and is starting to participate in big tournaments..

How Teufeurs started on the casino stream ?

It was during the year 2019 that Teufeurs decided to play online casino for the first time on its Twitch channel. In front of hundreds of people, he discovers and introduces a universe totally unknown to the general public and which is becoming more and more important on the Twitch platform.

Unfortunately, very few videos or information circulate on the first Live that Teufeur made, so it is impossible for us to give you information on the profit or the deficit of this first evening at an online casino..

Teufeurs videos and streams

Before taking to Twitch, Teufeurs first turned to YouTube. The USAman opened his YouTube channel in 2010, which he still has today. The latter has 220 videos and has completely changed, since it is now entirely dedicated to the online casino and the best sessions that Teuf performs during his live on Twitch..

Speaking of Twitch, it's a platform where the USA are very present. For several months now, and thanks to a deal with Stake which gives him a wager to perform every day, Teuf has been performing lives, accompanied by Anthosaurus, who performs morning shows.

With more than 230,000 subscribers on its Twitch channel, Teufeurs has one of the largest communities in USA, which it has maintained since the creation of its channel in March 2016.

The big wins of Teufeurs

From $ 200 to $ 100,000

This is one of the most incredible runs that has happened to Teufeurs during a blackjack session at Stake online casino. Party with 200 $, Teuf chains his hands and manages to rise to the colossal sum of 100,000 $. This incredible run is available entirely on a YouTube video.

150,000 - Reactoonz

This video toured Twitter for weeks on end. This is during his run of 6,000 $ to 1 million euros that TeufTeuf had one of Reactoonz's biggest winnings. By betting the sum of 100 $, which was astronomical for the time, Teufeur manages to get an x 1500 in the base game.

848,250 $ - The Dog House Megaways

How not to talk about this win, which is one of the biggest in the USA community. The Dog House Megaways is one of the most popular online casino slots and Teufeur made one of the biggest wins on this slot. The 21 Last May, Chug and live with his sidekick Antho and the two young men get a bonus on this slot. As you will see in the following video, this bonus is historic as it will net more than 845,000 $ to two USA people.

Conclusion on the streamer Teufeurs

If Teufeurs is one of the most popular USA-speaking streamers, it is thanks to his hard work and perseverance that he has maintained for years. His community on social networks is very active and the young man makes numerous contests every week to give back to his community what he has been giving him for several years now..

Coming out of nowhere, Teufeurs made a name for himself thanks to his enthusiasm, his joie de vivre and above all thanks to his videos which made him known. Even though he started out in video games, Teuf is now a man who plays exclusively online casinos, thanks to a partnership with Stake.

In addition to playing at the casino, TeufTeuf is also starting to take an interest in poker, an area in which he would like to professionalize..

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