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Tim aka Loopoo is a USA casino streamer living in Malta. It regularly offers streams with an aggressive playstyle on online slots..

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Loopoo : Online casino streamer

Online casinos can thank streamers on the Twitch streaming platform because it’it is thanks to them that the world of gambling s’is open to the general public. Instead of playing directly at online casinos, players can now watch anyone.’a d’other take risks for them, c’is D’elsewhere an excellent way to manage your possible addiction and share your passion for gambling with the community of’a streamer.

In addition, some players cannot afford to make big bets at online casinos, where at l.’reverse streamers casinos on Twitch can afford to’increase their stakes over time, from $ 1 to $ 10 and then to $ 100 per spin, numbers that far exceed the possibilities of viewers. The live on online casino slot machines then becomes a spectacle with astronomical sums which are wagered, but which can also be won..

Beyond all these elements, the streamers all bring their personality to their live Twitch, whether it is their good humor, their experience, their reaction ... whether it is tears or joy! Today’hui, we will be interested in the USA-speaking and Maltese streamer Loopoo who has a very particular way of playing within the gambling community. At the end of this article, we have reserved for you his best wins at online casinos !

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Who is Loopoo ?

Tim or Loopoo alias El Avocado is a USA-speaking streamer living in Malta and who has been streaming for several years now on Twitch by offering sessions on online casinos: slot machine, bonus purchase, blackjack, poker and bonus hunt are on the menu. you !

VS’is a casino streamer known for his aggressive play, n’not hesitating to completely empty his balance to try to win big. Always pushing the limits, Tim n’do not hesitate to push the bet to the maximum or’directly buy bonuses of $ 10,000 with only $ 50,000 on his balance. Suffice to say that this n’is not at all what recommended for neophytes of online casinos.

Of course, this aggressive technique is dangerous and the majority of his Twitch streams end quickly. A private joke s’is created around this: "Is Loopoo going to do a live of more than 20 minutes today? ". But, the young Maltese player still had a lot of chances in taking down astronomical sums thanks to his big bets, but we will tell you about it later in this article..

In addition to his activity as a streamer, he launched the CDLoops site which allows viewers to win “Loops”: fictitious points offered to viewers on his live, when he wins more than 100 times his bet on a online slot machine. A good opportunity to reward its viewers so that’he leaves with different lots like AirPods,’money on online casinos or even a kayak.

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How Loopoo started on the casino stream ?

Tim started, like d’other streamers, by getting started on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and’Quickly interested in the middle of gambling via this intermediary and in particular with skins, items to buy and sell on Steam or online’other websites.

VS’is only from l’year 2019 that Loopoo is launching on Twitch by creating his channel and sharing his games on online casinos. Despite his young age, this one shows a real interest with a pragmatic personality, but funny to follow, his bets becoming more and more important also had a big impact on his popularity..

Known for his great bad luck, especially with his disastrous hunt bonuses, his viewers love to follow him to see him lose astronomical sums in record time. However, when luck turns, he realizes titanic gains and quickly recoup his losses at online casinos..

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Loopoo videos and streams

Since 2019, Loopoo has therefore been streaming on his Twitch channel with his longtime teammate: Mirox. Almost every day of the week, the live starts at the end of’afternoon and Loopoo seeks to increase his balance by earning quickly, he does not’Do not hesitate to empty his balance very quickly by holding bets of $ 1,000 with only $ 50,000 in the wallet. Sometimes lives can last several hours, when’he performs a bonus hunt, but it often happens that the live lasts only 20 minutes and with 10 minutes of’screen d’introduction. His Twitch channel counts today’hui in october 2021 more than 86,600 followers and a total of 1.8 million d’hours viewed.

At the same time, Loopoo launches its YouTube channel to post regularly best-of and in particular its best wins on online casinos. At the beginning, the videos show "only" earnings below 50,000 $, then over the months, the best-of are more and more watched, because the sums won by Loopoo become more and more crazy. His YouTube channel counts today’hui in October 2021 more than 2,800,000 views and 27,500 subscribers.

Loopoo's big wins

As we l’announced, Loopoo's stakes are aggressive, as they are very high compared to its starting balance. Sometimes this quickly leads him to his total loss, but from time to time a very big win can appear and we offer 4 different videos to show you the potential..

$ 750,000 on Gates of Olympus

The Pragmatic Play provider's Gates of Olympus slot machine is very volatile, it can be very difficult to unlock the right multipliers with the right connections. Big multipliers are very rare and it takes either a lot of luck or sanding the slot machine to hope to see them appear. In early July 2021, Loopoo was extremely lucky to hit the max win, i.e. x 5,000, on Gates of Olympus. We let you enjoy this replay directly on his YouTube channel, below.

$ 785,000 on Hop’not’Pop

At the exit of the slot machine Hop’not’Pop, Loopoo directly liked this new slot with great potential. After only a few games on it, the young Maltese streamer obtains an astronomical gain in a few spins: $ 785,000 on Hop’not’Pop with a magnificent setup !

$ 1,000,000 in a single spin on Buffalo King Megaways

VS’is probably the biggest USA-speaking win on the Twitch casino streamer scene. Despite the fact that this slot machine is getting old, the potential is still there and has proven it to Loopoo. In a single spin with the best symbol and a few multipliers, he won the Buffalo King Megaways max win: $ 1,000,000 d’a blow.

1,000,000 $ d’bonus purchase in one evening

Otherwise, as you now know, Loopoo likes to bet astronomical sums but also buy bonuses of $ 50,000 and now even $ 100,000! It therefore offers new concepts such as $ 1,000,000 d’buy bonus in one evening to see how much he can get to finish. Staggering sums at stake, but which totally defines the streamer who’is Loopoo.

Conclusion on the streamer Loopoo

Loopoo is passionate about d’money and shares it with her regular streams. However this n’has no time to waste and tries very quickly to’get big wins by playing very aggressively, d’one side is his trademark and that's why people follow him! He performs live everything’you should not do with your money at an online casino, c’is funny and exciting at the same time in the event that a big win occurs.

In addition, his Belgian teammate Mirox regularly performs lives during the morning hours, enough to entertain his audience even more to which he is very attached and whose loyalty system has been set up: CDLoops.

NOT’no matter who will enjoy watching a Loopoo live, because your experience at an online casino does not’will have absolutely nothing to do with the content that the Maltese streamer can offer you. NOT’so do not hesitate to take a tour directly on his Twitch channel.

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