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Bidule is l’one of the most famous casino streamers in USA. In this article, decided to make you its protrait.

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Bidule: online casino streamer

Who is Bidule ?

The world of online casinos is booming on the Twitch platform and some people are benchmarks in this industry. This is particularly the case with Bidule. This young man of 24 years old is not an anonymous in the world of gambling.

Living in Malta for several years now, the native of USA has made a name for himself on the Internet for opening cases on the online game CS: GO. From an early age, Bidule managed to build a very important and loyal community. Gambling lover, Bidule, wanted to share, from an early age, his passion for gambling with best of on a YouTube channel.

In a few years, enthusiasm has grown around Bidule, which manages to have thousands of subscribers on its channel in a very little publicized environment in USA.

However, although he is passionate about CS: GO and its checkout openings, the young man decides to branch out and get started on the online streaming platform. : Twitch. During the year 2018, Bidule decides to get started on Twitch.

Stream on CS: GO, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Minecraft or World of Warcraft, many activities are available to viewers who are more and more numerous.

But Bidule is a lover of gambling and opening cash registers is no longer enough for him. During the year 2019, Bidule launches his first stream on an online casino, accompanied by his longtime sidekick, Felix.

Very quickly, the young man found a new passion for the online casino, an activity which is not at all highlighted in the heart of USA Twitch and which is completely unknown to the general public. A pioneer in his field, Bidule firmly believes in this activity which is starting to be lucrative for him..

Persevering, Bidule sees his community of viewers increase drastically and he allows the online casino to develop on the USA-speaking Twitch.

The machine is on and Bidule does not stop. Thanks to him, the online casino is more and more known in USA and his YouTube channel as his Twitch channel are becoming references in the community..


How Bidule started on the casino stream ?

It is on the online casino of Cresus that Bidule shared, for the first time, the online casino on Twitch in 2019. Accompanied by Félix, the young man is completely new to the industry and does not always understand the principle of slot machines.

However, there is enthusiasm in the room and Bidule takes a complete liking to this industry which he discovers completely. The days go by and the streams on online casinos are becoming more and more regular, so much so that Bidule decides to go for 200 % in this industry and stop his streams on other video games he played.

Over the year 2020, Bidule has almost 3,000 viewers on average, which is an impressive number for the Slots category on Twitch.

The machine is launched and a real industry is set up by the young man. A YouTube channel dedicated to online casinos is born and currently has more than 71,000 subscribers. Bidule's Twitter account is also very popular with nearly 187,000 people subscribed to it..

Finally, over the year 2021, Bidule continues its momentum and sees its number of viewers explode, since it now has nearly 5,000 people on average on its lives.

Bidule videos and streams

Bidule is a benchmark in the USA-speaking online casino world and its hegemony is due to perseverance despite the sometimes tough competition. To share his passion for gambling, Bidule uses several platforms.

The USA gambler had a YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers, but the latter was deleted by YouTube. Touched on morale, because this channel was close to his heart, the young man did not give up and opened a second YouTube channel dedicated to the casino, on 7 March 2020. In just over a year, 71,000 people have subscribed to this channel. In total, the 233 videos posted on the channel have been viewed with more than 17.5 million views. With two to four videos per week, this channel is very active and offers the best moments of the sessions that Bidule performs on his Twitch channel..

As for her Twitch channel, she is followed by nearly 170,000 people.

Bidule's big wins

With more than two years of streaming almost every night live on his Twitch channel, Bidule has had unforgettable sessions that will remain etched in his memory..

500,000 $ - Mega Ball

This is Bidule’s biggest win in a single game turn and it came in Mega Ball. With a starting stake of 40,000 $, Bidule managed to get the jackpot thanks to an x 100 which allows him to potentially touch 500,000 $. The number 12 falls and that’s the jackpot for Bidule. For those who have never seen this clip, a YouTube video is available.

1.5 million on a night at the casino

There are evenings that will remain unforgettable in the history of Twitch and the one Bidule lived through a few months ago will remain so. Words are so lacking the evening was incredible for the young USA-speaking streamer. You don't need a lot of lines to explain everything, a video shows the best moments of the evening.

195,000 $ - The Dog House Megaways

This is one of the biggest wins Bidule has ever made on a slot machine. During a stream made with his longtime friend Félix, Bidule decides to go to The Dog House Megaways slot machine. After a few spins, the USA streamer decides to buy a bonus for the sum of 10,000 $. Far from suspecting what was going to happen to him, Bidule will remember this bonus for a long time, since it will bring him more than 195,000 $.

A colossal sum for the player who, in addition to Felix, will have exceptional reactions throughout the bonus. A video dedicated to this gain was even published on Bidule's YouTube channel..

Conclusion on the streamer Bidule

As you may have read throughout this article, Bidule is currently the largest USA-speaking online casino streamer on the Twitch platform. With thousands of viewers following his exploits every night, Bidule knows he has a full community that will follow him throughout his streams, which can sometimes last for hours..

From the top of his 24 years, he offers you a very high quality show every night, with big bonus purchases, galore bonuses or even impressive blackjack hands..

For those who do not have time to see Bidule's exploits, his YouTube channel produces videos two to four times a week that offer the best moments of Bidule's live.

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